Lectura Para Ninos Phonics Centers and Homework Books for Pre-School-2nd grade Spanish reading

Lectura Para Niños

Phonics Centers and Homework Books
for Pre-School-2nd grade Spanish reading

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, Second - TeachersPayTeachers.com

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Whole Group - Small Group Instruction Methods

Suggested Schedule

Whole Group: 9:00-9:45
Small Group: 9:45-10:30

Whole Group

9:00-9:10   I do my phonics/flashcards for the first 10 minutes (mainly auditorily, not manipulating the letters in the kit).  It is mainly the phonemic awareness (manipulating sounds)

9:10-9:25     Key concepts from teachers guide (definitely not enough time, but a little bit of something everyday is better than skipping pieces and not practicing certain key concepts of reading. 

9:25-9:35     Review of independent worksheets from the Workbook.

9:35-9:45     Students work on worksheet for the day while teacher walks around and monitoring who needs additional assistance.

Small Group

with 3-4 Adults (6-10 per group)
Each teacher keeps their own small group for the entire 45 minutes.

9:45-10:00     Flash Cards:  Alfa Amigos for all in the beginning, now only bottom group gets them., syllables, word cards.  I don’t read every flash card from every set.  A little bit of everything is better than the same thing everyday and not getting some of the other key concepts. 

10:00-10:10   Phonics Center - See examples of the phonics centers....

10:10-10:20   Fluency Practice – using Word Speed practice sheets or fluency books from Bibliotecas fonéticas.  (Using the little readers became too distracting with the pictures (that is for home with the parent).

10:20-10:30   Segmenting and blending practice.  In the beginning, I hide the syllable cards and read them to the students.  They segment the syllables into sounds.  As students progress, I move on to more difficult syllables then into words.     


with 2 Adults (6-10 per group)

With Teacher
With Para
Phonics Center
Flash Cards (5-7 min. & Fluency5-7 min.)
Workbook page
Phonics Center
Flash Cards (5-7 min. & Fluency5-7 min.)
Workbook page
Phonics Center
Flash Cards (5-7 min. & Fluency5-7 min.)
Workbook page
Each group will rotate through centers.  It takes awhile, but if you’re quick and have a perky pace, things keep moving and kids learn the routines.   Students are NOT to bother you while you are in small group.  If they are goofing off, they stay in at recess.  The students quickly learn what they don’t want!   :-)

Small Group Tub

Every Small group teacher/para has a tub that includes the following:

1)  Small group instruction directions   I typed up key points from the curriculum stem questions from the Kinder Formative & Summative assessment that Reading first schools are required to give to show we are improving throughout the year (Tejas Lee, Dibles – Spanish, Texas Primary Reading Inventory).  We’ve had so many assessments in there.

2)  Flash cards that go along with our Reading Series (I created) Entire set of flash cards + additional flash cards are FREE with complete purchase (ON CD) of item numbers 1-5 Phonics Centers or 6-17 Homework Books:  See Order Form

1.  Flash cards of alfamigos - sold through curriculum
2.  Flash cards of alphabet (No pics)
3.  Flash cards of syllables (basic - ma, me, mi, mo, mu)
4.  Flash cards of syllables (blends: fla , fle, fli, flo, flu)
5.  Flash cards of syllables (closed: mar, mer, mir, mor, mur)
6.  Flash cards of syllables (diphthongs:  ia, io, ei, etc.)
7.  Flash cards of Kindergarten sight words (19 words)
8.  Flash cards of basic two syllable words
9.  Flash cards of 1st grade words (we don’t use them until Spring, but we have them in their tubs so we don’t lose them or if a group is ready to go with them, we start using them. 10.  Flash cards from the “Estrellitas” program (not included). We shuffled them and divided between all of our groups.   
11.  Flash cards from the “Spanish Phonics Readers” readers for each theme. There are 10 themes. The first theme has wordless books, so there are only 9 sets of cards.

3)  My phonics Center  After each theme, I clean out each teachers reading tub and put in the new theme words for each month as well as the new phonics center for the following month.

4)  Phonic Center Mats

5)  Walk to read list (Rank order of students high to low), so you know which small group to put them in

6)  Small White board, eraser, & marker for the teacher

7)  Mini pocket chart to use with phonics center - (I purchased a game at Wal-Mart) for $7.99, took the game out, and use it with my phonics center.)